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Depiction software will take care of the profession photography of our client’s products to ensure the best images available. Our clients will need to provide us with a board with the product installed or attached. There needs to be a large enough sample of the products pattern to allow for proper seamless textures to be developed. Our clients can provide the photography, but we highly discourage this. Our experience is that it requires more time and expense on our client’s part to get the best results. If you would like to see a sample of the effects of proper and improper photography just click on the following link:



Seamless Textures

If it is determined that the client cannot provide Depiction software with proper seamless textures, will need to create them from client supplied digital images or photographs we will take. Seamless textures are images of our clients products that are specially created to allow us to apply them to an image without them looking as if the pattern is repeating. If you would like to see a sample of a seamless texture click on the following link:


Image library

Depiction software will take seamless textures and create a library of these textures in all combinations of colors, combinations and variations. This will be used in the final interactive product demonstration, website and Custom imaging software.


Interactive Product Demonstration

This is a way for your company to show the various products and combinations of products on your website, from your computer or from a CD disc. You have the ability to choose various background pictures that will best display your products and we will customize a computer program to allow any variation or combination of your products to be applied to these images. The end user is able to click on the product they want to be displayed and it will appear on the background image. This demo requires the creation of an image library. If you would like to see a sample of an interactive product demonstration click on the following links: or or


Custom Imaging Program

This customized software application is similar to the Interactive Product Demonstration, but takes the concept one step further. This will allow your dealer, sales person or website visitor to apply your products to their own image. This is what will really close the deal. The ability for your customer to see your products in their own situations is the key to customer satisfaction and sets your company apart from the competition. This requires the creation of an image library. If you would like to see a sample of a customized imaging program click on the following link:


Custom Estimating Software

Depiction Software can design a custom estimating program that we tailor to your needs. We take your formulas for estimating cost and materials and design an program that is easy to use and will work from your website or directly from a computer. If you would like to see a sample of a customized estimating program click on the following link:



Website Development

We have the ability to do whatever you want. We are sophisticated enough to provide the most advanced Flash presentations and up-to-date website technology. Your imagination is your only limit to what we can provide. We listen to your needs, look at sites you have seen and like and make suggestions on what we think will work to provide you with the website that most effectively demonstrates and sells your product. We also offer various e-commerce solutions. The cost of your new site will depend on how much and the complexity of the content you choose. If you would like to see some samples of websites we have designed just click on the following links:



Website Hosting, site maintenance and technical support

We can host your website. Your site will be on the most advanced equipment. We offer 27/7 technically support. In addition, we have the ability to offer you unlimited email addresses. Depiction offers a website maintenance service which will allow you to update your website with new information regularly. Our clients are constantly adding tradeshow information, new products, new pricing, press releases and much more information.



Search Engine Registration

This is crucial if you want anyone to be able to find your website from a search engine or directory. We will get your site registered with over 8000 search engines and directories. We have the expertise to get your site at or near the top of the list when someone types in your companies name, industry or other key words you provide. For the best results we recommend this being done every 3-6 weeks.

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