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Depiction Software has a Website for Support: Click Here

Depiction Software has a new number for Support  817-764-0413 Ext. 2

Depiction Software has all of the training movies for the Deco-Con v3 Imaging Software program on
the internet. You may view any of these movies at:

To get an unlock code for Hardscape Estimating Software go to this link:

and enter in your Phone Number and E-mail Address.

To get an unlock code for Hardscape Imaging Software go to this link:

To get an unlock code for Deco-Con Imaging Software go to this link:


These are the instructions to unlock your new Program. After installing the Program, there should be a new "H.I.S." Icon on your desktop. Please click it. This will bring up a screen prompting you to unlock your software (you can click the "Try It Now" button to bypass this window). You should write down the Registration Number given there. Then open your web browser and navigate to (you must already be connected to the internet to do this)

Once at the website you will see the Registration Window. You must be sure to enter the same email address and phone number which are on your invoice. Using the wrong address or number will result in an error. You are allowed two Unlocks per Program, so that you can put a copy on your laptop for field use, and another copy on your desktop in the office. If you need more Unlock Codes please call Depiction Software at 817-764-0413 Ext. 1 for the price. When you are finished, click the "Proceed to Next Step" button.

You should now see the window where you will enter the Registration Number which you wrote down earlier. You can also enter any comments if you wish. When you are done you need to click the "Generate Unlock Code" button.

When the new window comes up, your Unlock Code is shown in green. This code may contain letters and numbers. It is important that you get them correct. For example, we get many phone calls from people who try to use a '0' (zero) when the code has an 'O' (capital letter o) in it. For this reason it is advisable to copy and paste this number. To copy it, you can place the mouse cursor at the end of the line, hold down the left mouse button, drag the mouse along the text line, and when it is all selected, release the mouse button. Then put the mouse over the number, right click, and choose "Copy" (or, use Ctrl + C).

You must now go back to the first window, the Unlock Screen. Here is where you will put the Unlock Code. First, left click into the white text box at the bottom left of the window. If you have the Unlock Code copied to your clipboard, simply right click in the window with your mouse, and choose "Paste" from the context menu (or, Ctrl + V). Otherwise, you will have to type the Code into the window. You must do this carefully, being certain to get the O's and 0's correct, and to capitalize all the letters. When you are done, click the "Unlock" button. You should then get a new window announcing that your Program is now unlocked.

We strongly recommend that you watch all of the Training Movies which come with the Program. The Overview Movie will start when the Program is done installing, and give you plenty of instruction on how to begin operating the Program. Then, watch the rest of the movies to learn how to use the Program to its fullest.

Next, go sell some interlocking pavers!!





Our Depiction Software products are compatible with Windows Vista.

You will, however, need to make a setting change in the Vista User Account Control (UAC) so that our copy protected software will not be blocked by Windows Vista UAC. Most people turn off the User Account Control feature once they know how to, because it interferes with being the "Administrator" of their own computer.

If you have any of the following issues you probably have Vista's UAC turned on.

   1. Your registration number will not show up.
   2. Upon installing the software for the first time, there will be 0 trial days remaining.
   3. The software’s Training Movies will not run.
   4. Your software will not run (rare).

These issues can be easily resolved by modifying Windows Vista’s security features.

Explanation About “User Account Control”
   User Account Control (UAC) is a new security mechanism introduced in Vista, whose primary goal is to force users to work using restricted accounts, instead of working as administrators. Windows Vista's User Account Control security "feature" is bound to activate and prompt you when installing and configuring your programs. It blocks the copy protection in our software, to not run properly. Disabling User Account Control will not harm your computer; it will not expose your computer to bigger security risks, meaning that by using Windows Defender, and Windows Firewall, your computer is still protected.

To Turn User Account Control Off:

   1) Click on the Start icon located on the bottom-left of your screen (see the image at the right).
   2) In the “Start Search” white box, type in “User Account”
   3) With the text in the search box, you will see “User Accounts” appear on the top of the menu. Click on User Accounts to bring up the User Account window.
   4) In the User Accounts window, click on “Turn User Account Control On or Off”. (UAC will probably ask you if you want to access this page, say Continue)
User Account Control   5) Un-check “Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer”. Then Click OK.
   6) A reboot will be required. Your computer will prompt you to restart in order to complete the process. If for some reason it does not prompt you, then simply click the Start icon, go over to the arrow next to the Power Bar icon, and click “Restart”. Once your computer has been restarted, User Account Control should be turned off.
   7) Open up your imaging software again. There should be a change in “Number of Days”, and a registration code should now appear on the screen.

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