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"Since using Depiction's Hardscape Imaging Software, I've closed more jobs with the ability to show my customers a visual of any patterns, colors, and ideas they may have on the spot. I highly recommend Depiction's Imaging and Estimating software for anyone looking to present themselves professionally in the Hardscape/Landscape industry."
   ~Jim Woetzel
   ~Jardin Passion Landscape Designers

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Depiction Software is now offering to contractors the same Paving Software we have been creating for companies like Unilock, Ackerstone McNear Brick and Block, Air-Vol Brick, Bolduc, Belgard, and Basalite.

Paver Estimating Software

Depiction Software has designed a software program for paver contractors: Hardscape Imaging Software. 
Our award winning imaging software was designed to take your business to the next level, by helping you close more sales, while at the same time capitalizing on the fact that a picture is worth 1000 words.   As a result your income will go up, and you will have the sales tool that is almost like a secret weapon.  We help you stay on the cutting edge of our profession.

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Jim Woetzel

Bringing the Insider Technology to You
The idea starts with Depiction's Hardscape Imaging Software for interlocking pavers. Based on the technology we've been providing to major manufacturers for years, this specially designed software allows you to take a digital photo on your first visit with a potential customer and,
 within minutes, show them on your computer what different patterns and colors would look like. This overlaying technology lets the customer make their choices based on an accurate visual, which greatly increases the odds that they'll be satisfied with your finished product.

If you would like to learn more about the Hardscape Imaging Software click on this link and you will be taken to a website dedicated to the Hardscape product. There you will see all the pavers that come with the program, also the plant material, and a demonstration movie which will show you how easy the program is to use. And don't forget to check out the photo gallery of images created with Depiction's Hardscape Imaging Software


Contractor giving a Demonstration to the HomeownerContractor taking Picture of Customer's HouseDepiction Software's Paver Calculator software is another revolutionary piece of software that allows you to estimate jobs quickly and more accurately than by hand. Simply click on the product information you need in this easy-to-understand program and it will immediately calculate the quote for you. This means no more miscalculating jobs or coming up short on materials, saving you time and money.

The Depiction Online Visualizer is the third piece of the puzzle: similar to the imaging software, this customer-friendly version sits right on your website and allows visitors to visualize the results of your work. The final piece of the sales picture is Depiction's website design service. Let us put all the pieces together for you and push your sales to new heights. Contact us today and we'll show you how easy it can be.



Does the program come with the pavers I install?

The software could not include every company’s products, colors and patterns. However, many other companies products probably look similar to the products you install. Make sure to keep checking back on our website for new updates and products that will be added to the program throughout the year. If you don’t see the manufacturer’s products you install in the program you can mention it to that manufacturer, it is contractor interest that may get them to have us create a product library for them.

Click on this link (or the image) to go to a new page where you can see all of the pavers and wall stones that come on the program. There are approximately 2400 pavers, and around 50 wall stones. There are also face brick and stone veneer, interlocking clay pavers, even plants, gazebos, and decorative concrete.

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