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Deco-Con Imaging Software

In an increasingly competitive business like decorative concrete, any edge you can get over your competitors is a good thing. Depiction software takes that idea one step further and now offers contractors a bold leap forward in the way they do business. Introducing Deco-Con imaging software from the award-winning team at Depiction Software.



Improve Customer Satisfaction with a Preview
In a relatively large home improvement investment such as decorative concrete, a customer's main hesitation usually comes from leaping off into the unknown in terms of the result. With Deco-Con software, however, you can now show your potential customers exactly what their patio, driveway, or entryway will look like once you've finished. This is imaging technology that we originally created for the manufacturers such as Sundek, Spray-Crete, and Stardek, re-focused at a reasonable price for decorative concrete contractors.



Whether you're technology-savvy or not, Deco-Con imaging software is easy to use. You simply take a digital photo of your customer's area to be re-surfaced, enter it into the program, and within seconds, you are able to sit down with your customer and overlay up to 7,000 different stamps, stencils, colors, and patterns on the photo. It's amazingly realistic and it gives your customer confidence in choosing the options they know they'll like.


Watch our informative online demonstration to see for yourself how Deco-Con works. Let this revolutionary product break down the barriers to your sales. In fact, with the sales that contractors garner from using Deco-Con, the software usually pays for itself quickly. Contact us today and start boosting your earnings--and customer satisfaction--tomorrow.



Click on the link below to watch a demonstration movie that will show just how easy it is to use Deco-Con Imaging software for decorative concrete applications. This movies make take a few seconds to load. Please be patient.

Click here to watch the demonstration movie














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