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Demo Movie:
This demonstration movie will show you some sample images created with the program, and it will walk you through a demonstration on how easy it is to use the program. The high-resolution demo movie is not recommended for those who may have dial-up or a slow Internet connection. If the movie seems to skip and jerk while you are watching it, try to lower the resolution. But keep in mind, the low resolution demo movie has been sized down and compressed to make it stream faster. The images will look blurry and pixelated from the compression. If you want to see the quality of a real image created with the program, then go to the photo gallery link to see what the images really look like.
High Resolution Demonstration Movie   Low Resolution Demonstration Movie

Is the program easy to learn?
The program comes with video training movies that will teach you everything you need to learn about the program. There are no manuals to read, simply kick back and watch the movies. Click here to see an example of one of the training movies, please note that this movie is 8.6Mb.

                       Video Training Movie

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